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We empower people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families to promote and protect their rights and interests, while enriching the quality of their lives.


  • All people deserve opportunities.

  • All people have diverse strengths and needs.

  • All people can contribute.

  • All people deserve respect.

  • All people have value.

  • All people have the right to influence their environment.

  • Family, friends and the community are important.


We live in a caring, inclusive community where people with intellectual and developmental disabilities are embraced and offered encouragement, support, security and opportunity.


  • Children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities have lives filled with positive, fulfilling relationship and broad social networks. They participate in a variety of recreational, educational and employment activities that permit them to exercise personal choice and achieve their full potential. Their collective voices help to shape the kinds and quality of programs and services available. They are a valued part of our community and have a variety of quality, affordable, and accessible housing choices. They feel self-empowered and better equipped to make decisions and meet personal challenges.

  • Family members do not feel alone. They have access to a range of helpful resources and an external support system that can assist in resolving issues and provide encouragement in times of crisis. They believe that their loved one is being given every opportunity to succeed and are secure in the knowledge that service providers are monitored and  held accountable. This peace of mind allows them to adopt a more positive outlook and renewed focus, reducing absenteeism and increasing their productivity at work. They help to educate their employers, friends, neighbors and the greater community about intellectual and developmental disabilities, building awareness and understanding.

  • Our community is nationally known for inclusiveness and its citizens are proud to live in a place that values every person. Residents understand the needs, challenges, and contributions of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and the entire community is vested in assuring equitable opportunities and positive outcomes.

  • The Arc is recognized as a leader and valuable collaborative partner and is highly-respected for its integrity, expertise, and legacy as a community change agent. Our staff and volunteers are proud to be a part of the organization and find their work meaningful and fulfilling. They willingly take leadership roles and participate in activities that promote personal and professional growth.


The organization was initially organized in 1952 and incorporated in 1967 by a group of parents committed to promoting and protecting the rights of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

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